BABOR fx delux

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This experience is loaded with expert methods to create a difference you can see and feel. Luxury blends with scientific research to dramatically slow the aging process, stimulating collagen and elastin through stem cells, peptides, LED light therapy, temperature changes, and advanced European techniques.

Heated howlite crystal wands are used to melt shoulder tension and manipulate trigger points after a sculpting facial massage, deep oil cleansing under steam, and a lifting foam mask.

May also include diamond tip microdermabrasion, pigment/spot/acne/scar spot treatment, high frequency and/or dermaplaning.

90 min $250


IS Clinical Fire and Ice

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The ultimate skin exercise, ideal prior to an event for a rejuvenated glow and improved complexion, also known as the Red Carpet/Hollywood treatment. The first mask packs the heat, stimulating and resurfacing skin to smooth texture, diminish fine lines, and clarify congestion. A second mask follows with hydra-intensive cooling for a moisture surge and repair.

Chilled cryo-wands are glided over the surface of the skin after a vitalizing pressure point massage. 

Safe for all skin types.
May also include LED light therapy and/or dermaplaning.

75 min $190



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Experience the cutting edge magic of LED red light therapy and clinically proven results when targeting wrinkle reduction, loss of elasticity, elimination of acne, or pain relief.

Drift into the relaxing warmth of light pulsations after can be used on any area of the body or added to an existing service, also available for chronic pain, injury/wound healing.

From $50 per area
Add on $25



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A game changing treatment that sloughs off dead surface cells with the added benefit of removing facial peach fuzz, leaving the skin brighter, smoother, evenly exfoliated, and prepared for better product absorption.

Can be added to most skin services.

45 min $90 



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Transform your skin in 7 days with the only medical grade peel containing the master antioxidant, Glutathione. An intelligent combination of acids reverse damage, improve scarring, treat sun damage of all kinds, soften fine lines/wrinkles, refine pores, tone sagging skin, and improve chronic redness. 

Peeling starts to occur 2-3 days after application, typically resolving within 7 days. You are provided a home care kit and guided through the painless process to beautiful skin. The treatment includes face/neck/chest or can be applied to other body areas of your choice.

Safe for all skin types and ethnicities.

45 min $375



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Use this as a placeholder for a treatment completely tailored to you with the best selection of products and modalities to fit your objectives, following a thorough skin analysis/consultation.  

May also include LED light therapy, diamond tip microdermabrasion, enzyme/fruit acid/AHA peel, pigment/acne/scar spot treatment, facial cupping/lymphatic drainage, algae peel-off mask, silver ion masking, high frequency and/or dermaplaning. 

60 min from $160
75 min from$190
90 min from $225



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For a treatment that gets right to the point!

Ideal for minors, men, and those on the go who still deserve all the benefits of a thoroughly personalized treatment in a condensed timeframe 

45 min starting at $95



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Muscles of the face and neck are manipulated for deep release of tension, blockages, reversal of fine lines, and improved elasticity and contour. 

Stagnant tissues, fascia, and fluids are stimulated to boost circulation and improve skin vitality. The modalities are completely customized for each guest.

Facial cupping, massage wands, reflexology points, intra-oral manipulations, and gua sha make this a deeply relaxing treatment with beautiful results. 

Face appears slimmer, more symmetrical, and lifted.

Not suggested for those who had recent Botox/filler injections or lasers done within 2 weeks.



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The proof is in the pudding!

Microchanneling creates small channels in the epidermis with the use of advanced stem cell serums with boosted absorption—up to 300%! you will experience an immediate improvement in skin tone, texture, and  firmness, lines and wrinkles. see long term improvement when you complete a series of 3-6 sessions. 

Great for:
———Fine lines & wrinkles
———Acne scars
———Stretch marks
———Skin tightening
———Hair thinning———————————————

Face and eyes—($495)
Face with neck/chest or other body area—($715)

Package Discounts:
———Prepay a series of 3 save 10%, (and get a complimentary sample pair of the Procell Cellular Renewal Serum & Healing Accelerator)
———Prepay a series of 6 save 20% (and get a complimentary sample pair of the Procell Cellular Renewal Serum & Healing Accelerator



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Cupping is a form of eastern medicine involving local suction on the skin with the application of heated cups.

The process increases blood circulation and relieves tension held in the fascia, which can release muscle tightness and promote cell repair. 

A cupping session forms new connective tissues while detoxifying the blood and organs, boosting lymphatic flow.

Cupping can also improve the tone and texture of skin and be used to treat the appearance of cellulite or bloating. 

From $75



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Sink into a deeply therapeutic state while high grade essential oils are dropped along the spine and soles of the feet. Vita flex massage methods are paired with oil application and Native American healing techniques to bring structural and electrical alignment within the body.

The detoxifying nature of the process helps to support the immune system, boost circulation, bring balance, harmony, relaxation, and a sense of overall wellness including mental, physical, and emotional release.

75 min $140



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A session involves light touch upon various areas of the body while the patient is clothed, lying comfortably on the table.

Physically, Craniosacral Therapy is very relaxing and influences the spinal column, brain and central nervous system

Rhythms within the bones, muscles, fluids, and tissues are palpated for relief of pain, injury healing, and the release of tension. The patient often experiences a down regulation of the nervous system, supporting a calmer, more balanced mental state.

Emotionally It is common for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to unwind deep patterns of trauma while providing the patient with the resources needed to explore their emotional landscape.

60 minutes 


Makeup Application

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Special Occasion, Photo Shoot, Special Effects, Body paint, Airbrush, Character, Costume, Film/Television etc.

Starting at $150 (including lash application upon request)

Available booking for hourly or on site with inclusion of oversee behind camera, necessary touch ups, and last looks.


Waxing Services

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Facial waxing:
$25 Brow Wax/Shaping
$15 for each individual facial area:lip, chin, ears, nose, sideburns, etc.

Body Waxing:
Bikini line and shaping    From  $50
Brazilian full removal    From  $75
$25 Underarm
$45 Chest
$70 Chest & Stomach
$80 Back – Neck to Belt Line
$90 Full Leg – Upper Thigh to Toes
$50 Half Leg – Knee to Toes
$50 Full Arm – Shoulder to Fingers
$30 Half Arm – Elbow to Fingers